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Ian TruesdaleEver increasingly the world is becoming smaller. Ease of access to new markets for supply and demand, faster and more reliable global transportation, greater levels of technical capability in developing countries, etc. and all these trends are accelerating. This creates many challenges for large and small companies alike, but also the potential for enormous opportunities. Overcoming the challenges by making the right strategic choices, and taking advantage of the opportunities by "orchestrating the supply-matrix" is at the heart of Operations Management.

I refer to Operations Management and the Strategy of the same as the over-arching framework for a particular reason; that being, enterprises often compartmentalise and subdivide this discipline, hence I believe sub-optimise their strategies. For example developing plans for “Strategic Procurement” or “Supply Chain Management” or “LEAN Manufacturing” or over-simplistic in-house vs. outsource services and make/buy product decisions.

So how should enterprises respond, what should they do now?

To help develop and implement a successful Global Operations Strategy I propose a new structured Approach using clear frameworks to evaluate the Challenges and determine the Enablers needed to transform an enterprises Operations Management capability.

I will also share my perspectives on a completely new way of thinking about Operations Management, integrating and leveraging strategic choices into a new market differentiating Global Operations Orchestration approach.

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